An Open Letter is a submission site designed to bring together a wide variety of topics, points of view and opinions in a space that allows the readers to process these things one post at a time, free of the dreaded “comment section”. Each post is free to be shared on other platforms or exist here on its own.

One of the hardest parts about having an opinion or idea on the internet is figuring out where to put it and how best to express it. The goal of An Open Letter is to provide a platform for thoughtful opinion, shared experiences, personal stories and carefully (if passionately) voiced dissent. There are many places that already exist for us to scream out our anger and to argue our point of view back and forth. Many of us do not have space in our lives for more than the half-paragraph Facebook post or the occasional tweet. Maintaining a blog ourselves is a daunting concept and posting on social media is often either too personal or preaching to the choir.

Why no comment section? To quiet the immediate desire to respond and argue a point, rather than try to understand the ideas and opinions expressed. While we may not always agree with what we read, we should investigate why this is, more often. We should take time to consider what we do think about the subject and where our feelings originate.

The anonymity here is to encourage us all to speak more fully from our hearts and from our experiences rather than from an offensive or defensive position. It also prevents us from forming a predetermined stance on something we read before we’ve understood, fully, what we are reading. We would like to provide our readers with an enlightening experience and a chance to see other views outside of their social media feed and regular news sources. This is not a soapbox for a particular platform, it is an open space for all.